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4th challenge: I have never game

I love this game b/c of all the things you learn about someone.

You may post as many comments as you like, with a statement that says I have never *blank*, if you have done it, then do not comment to the reply, instead add your own.

For example:

  I have never 
2006-02-14 03:16 pm (local) (link)
Masturbated in public

Re: I have never
2006-02-14 03:18 pm (local) (link) Delete

been fisted

I have never
2006-02-14 03:19 pm (local)
had a threesome

2006-02-14 03:20 pm (local) (link)

had to have reconstructive anal surgery

Re: *grins*
2006-02-14 03:21 pm (local) (link) Delete
gotten a facial

2006-02-14 03:18 pm (local) (link)

been double penetrated

Well I have...
2006-02-14 03:23 pm (local) (link)

never held back an orgasm(

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been aggressively raped.
been fucked with a flashlight.
I have never fisted myself.
I have never been whipped.
I have never had bad sex.
I have never been tied up.
I have never had sex with a transvestite.
I have never started a session of anal sex with a candle.
had to get stitches from the damage caused by sex.